Kitten from BRIGT STAR, Minsk, Belarus

Mainecoon kittens from our cattery in Minsk, Belarus.

Please, if you are interested in any of our kittens email us in English email address is: Borisenko2007@gmail.com with the name of a kitten that interests you and any other additional questions, we will replay to you as soon as we can.

Some additional information about kittens and our cattery.

All kittens are in Minsk, Belarus and everyone is welcome to visit us.

All kittens from our cattery allowed to move to new home only at the age of 3-3.5 months old.

Every kitten will have:

  •  Veterinary passport of international type, with indicated injections that kitten had, and dates when he had them.
  •  Pedigree certificate or metric (in case of a sale as a home pet, kittens pedigree certificate is given to a new owner only after the document of kitten sterilisation is provided)
  •  Contract of purchase

We are always pleased to answer any additional questions, make more additional photos and video of a kittens that interests you and send them to you if you are unable to visit. 

Also we can arrange a delivery of a kitten to your door or meet half way at additional cost.

Please contact us email: Borisenko2007@gmail.com

Thank you, hope to hear from you very soon. 

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